emv card issuance with Card@Once®

a turnkey solution to streamline the move

Financial institutions can minimize costs and simplify the implementation process with a practical approach to EMV migration. Our patented instant issuance solution, Card@Once®, is equipped to flat print EMV-capable payment cards and provides the option to instantly deliver the more secure cards in the branch location. This immediate availability enables you to educate cardholders on their new card at the time of issuance, improving customer satisfaction and increasing consumer adoption.


Custom and off-the-shelf card options are available. Our off-the-shelf cards include standard requirements needed to meet your EMV needs, eliminating many of the set-up decisions and associated expense.


Our EMV solutions offers many options for customizing your EMV card program. From platform options to chip size, we’ll make sure the EMV card program meets your specific needs.

Expert Implementation

Our experienced team is ready to handle any type of EMV program set up and implementation. We are your card program partner and prepared to guide you through the EMV process successfully.

Cobranded materials

Standardized program profiles and personalization options have been developed, allowing institutions to increase speed-to-market and minimize the complexity of this transition.

Generic EMV card designs and cardholder education materials are also available to streamline the process and make chip card issuance more cost-effective and efficient.



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