Customized card solutions for full control

The management and operation of instant card issuance have never been as simple and convenient as it is with the Card@Once® solution.

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Card@Once® offers comprehensive reporting and administrative tools that allow you to easily track user activity, manage your inventory, and simplify the logistics of the entire instance issuance process. With a variety of setup, production, and administrative options, you can now monitor and operate your card program with greater visibility and control.

User Access Controls

With Card@Once®, you can maintain complete administrative control over your program down to the branch level. User roles such as printing, reporting, and access to inventory are assigned by the program's administrator(s) providing complete control and added security.

Card Inventory Reporting

Card@Once® manages the cardstock inventory for every branch location. Each institution can establish reorder levels to trigger auto-fulfillment processes. Inventory levels are updated as cards are printed, and the system places automatic refill orders as your predetermined minimum card levels are reached.

PIN Selection Capabilities

Card@Once® offers a PIN Pad solution that supports an improved customer experience and increases your security. Account holders can enter their personal PIN which is then encrypted and transferred to our secure center in Nashville, Tennessee. It is easy to install and plugs into any computer.

E2E Image Usage

Marketing managers can now monitor the card designs and images their cardholders prefer. With E2E image reports, you can easily access the image selection history on every printer allowing you to tailor your offerings.

Duplicate Card Alerts

Card@Once® monitors cards as they are printed. As a safety precaution, a duplicate card detection report is sent to the account administrator if the same card is printed multiple times. This helps detect potential fraud and can protect your institution from any harm.

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