card@once gives cardholders a personalized, fully activated card in minutes

There are more than just a few reasons instant issuance is becoming increasingly popular with financial institutions of all sizes. CPI Card Group provides a versatile solution which requires minimal space and hardware, and produces fully activated magnetic stripe or EMV-capable debit or credit cards.

Operational Savings

Leveraging an instant issuance program can assist with lowering the costs of your card programs by eliminating the need for fulfillment and mailing of cards. Of course, a good instant issuance program is supported by a solid reissue program as well.

Improving the performance of your card portfolio

Almost 100% of cards that are issued via the branch network are activated. This leads to high activation and usage across all of your card programs, ensuring higher revenues through increased transactions.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

With an instant issuance solution your customer receives a fully capable card that can be used immediately. The instant issuance capability is becoming increasingly important as FI's look very ways to minimize the impact of security breaches and the emergence of new technologies like EMV.

Printers are shipped directly to each branch location where all that is required for set-up is a power source and an Internet connection.

It’s really that easy.


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