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If you have any service questions, call your Account Manager at 800.237.3387, option 2 or visit Troubleshooting & Support, below.

General Information

How do I sign up for Card@Once®?
Please contact us at 800.237.3387, option 3 for information on providing the Card@Once® instant card issuance solution in your branch. Or submit your information through our Get a Quote page and one of our representatives will contact you directly.

Do I have to use the recommended printer?
Yes. Card@Once® is a patented Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that requires integration between the printer and the Card@Once® web based application. Only certified Card@Once® printers are supported as part of the Card@Once® solution.

Can our cardholders choose their own PIN with Card@Once®?
Yes. We offer an integrated PIN selection device with Card@Once®

Guidelines and Security

I would like to have a written record of the Visa/MasterCard Instant Issue Card Guidelines. Where can I find this information?
Please contact your Visa/MasterCard account executive directly to obtain a copy of the most recent guidelines. Per Visa/MasterCard requirements, copies of rules and regulations must be obtained directly from Visa/MasterCard.

Will participating branches be audited by Visa/MasterCard for printing Card@Once® on location?
Visa/MasterCard requires a self-audit to be completed annually. Please refer to the Visa/MasterCard Instant Issue Card Guidelines for more information about audits.


What are the networking and internet connection requirements for Card@Once®?
A DHCP enabled connection is required to facilitate Card@Once® at participating branch locations. Networking requirements are:

Open outbound ports 53/UDP, 53/TCP, and 500/UDP
Open inbound established, related connections

If a participating Card@Once® branch would like to roll-out the service to another branch, what steps should be taken to set up a new location and order an additional printer?
Please contact your Account Manager at 800.237.3387, option 2 to obtain a Card@Once® Program Profile. This paperwork will need to be completed and submitted for review. Upon processing and approval, new equipment will be initialized and sent to the branch location specified.

Card Issuance and Warranty

Are monthly reissue cards also flat-printed?
Options are available for reissue programs. Card@Once® produces a flat printed card.

What is the warranty service?
If an account manager is not able to assist a client with a technical issue by phone, then the Card@Once® printer can be returned to us overnight and we will in turn send out a new printer the same day.

Troubleshooting and Support

A card was successfully printed but the cardholder reports that they cannot use the card successfully. What could be wrong?
Please ensure that the expiration date and PIN offset entered for the card are correct and try to reprint/reuse the card. If the cardholder cannot use the card successfully, please contact the transaction processor to determine the source of the error.

The printer is not responding. What steps can be taken on-site to try and fix the problem before contacting Customer Service?
Please ensure the printer and Soekris box are powered on and receiving connection. Please also ensure that there is an active Internet connection. If the printer still doesn't respond, please contact Technical Support at 800.237.3387, option 2.

What is the process for contacting Customer Support should a printer experience technical difficulties?

Please contact Technical Support at 800.237.3387, option 2 to report the type of difficulty the printer is experiencing. If we cannot get the printer back online, we will ship another printer overnight (the branch will be responsible for returning the defective printer back to our Nashville location). With Rapid Replacement the repair and return service is covered.

Who should be contacted when the print ribbon on the printer needs replacing?
Please email a Customer Service Representative at support@cardatonce.com to order more ribbons and other printer supplies.

How is Card@Once® cardstock inventory managed?
To help manage and reconcile your cardstock inventory, a daily audit of printed and unused cardstock should be maintained. Inventory reports found on the Card@Once® portal can be cross referenced with the daily audit log to help validate your inventory. Refer to the Visa and MasterCard Instant Issue Card Guidelines for additional information.

When scrapping a card is necessary, how should on-site adjustments be made so that branch inventory will balance with the Card@Once® inventory report?
Scrap cards and incomplete prints should be included in your daily audit log. Select the Inventory tab inside the Card@Once® portal to manually adjust your cardstock inventory reports and ensure daily audits reconcile.

What is the process for reordering low card stock inventory?
Additional cardstock can be purchased manually through the Inventory tab found on the Card@Once® portal. Automatic reorders of blank cardstock can also be fulfilled based on predetermined levels you choose. Card@Once® monitors your inventory levels as cards are printed, and reorders are triggered as your minimum card levels are reached.

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